The Visceral Company
Six shocking stories!

Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm
October 8-30, 2010
T.U. Studios
10943 Camarillo St., NoHo

Ready for a good fright this Halloween?

An anthology of six shocking stories,
"TALES TO DIE FOR" is like a horror comic book brought to life on stage. The Visceral Company's gleeful ghoul Hemophelia (Lara Fisher) is your haunted hostess for the six one-act plays in "TALES TO DIE FOR":

"The Monster Seated Next to Me" – A teenage "Twilight" fan is bothered by an older man who insinuates he may be an actual vampire. Written by Steven Korbar; directed by Dan Spurgeon; with Craig Chapman and Jordan Jude.

"Fever Dream" – When a young woman injures herself on a nighttime hiking trip, her two companions may have more on their hands than they bargained for. Written by Scott T. Barsotti; directed by Jana Wimer; with Nicole Fabbri, Anne West and Bernadett York.

"My Sexy Doll" – A married man on a business trip visits his mistress, only to discover she has a brand new life planned out for him. Written by Stanley Toledo; directed by Dan Spurgeon; with Craig Chapman, David O'Kelley and Victoria Rabitcheff.

"Dante's Inferno: The Motion Picture" – A dream job as a studio executive quickly turns into a literal "development hell." Written by Philip Kaplan; directed by Dan Spurgeon; with Nicole Fabbri, Josh Fanaroff and David O'Kelley.

"Routine Procedure" – A business executive thinks he's in for a simple blood test, but his phlebotomist is out for revenge. Written by Catherine A. Noah; directed by Bryan Whalen; with Craig Chapman and Victoria Rabitcheff.

"Lying in Wait" – A young woman is attacked by an intruder on Halloween night, but it turns out their paths may have crossed before. Written and directed by Rebecca Lorenne; with Josh Fanaroff and Jordan Jude.

Your hostess, Hemophelia (Lara Fisher)
- David O'Kelley, Nicole Fabbri
FEVER DREAM - Anne Westcott,
Nicole Fabbri, Bernadett Belinda York
MY SEXY DOLL - Victoria Rabitcheff, Craig Chapman, David O'Kelley
THE MONSTER SEATED NEXT TO ME - Jordan Jude, Craig Chapman
Victoria Rabitcheff
A Dark Collection of Canvases, Just In Time for Halloween

By Bonnie Priever

The Tolucan Times, October 27th, 2010

The Visceral Company explores the dark, strange, and macabre, fully living up to its namesake, providing its audience with an emotional, vicarious attachment to the drama onstage. Like its predecessors, brilliant “horror-meisters” including Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock, Tales To Die For brings a Halloween aura of the insanity- the crazy masks lurking beneath the surface of the human psyche. For those eager to get a jumpstart on the Thanksgiving Twilight Zone marathon, this six one-act show is just the ticket.

Lara Fisher, the glamour-goth gleeful, yet ghoulish hostess of the night, sets the tone with creative anecdotes before each vignette. The Monster Seated Next To Me takes us on a wild ride through a modern day teenage Twilight fan’s (Jordan Jude) infatuation with vampires and how the man seated near her may well be from the dark side himself. Routine Procedure is a payback/revenge driven spoof of a phlebotomist (Victoria Rabitcheff) ferociously drawing blood from a CEO who recently fired the phlebotomist’s husband, sucking the life blood out of the family’s savings, a too timely look at today’s dismal economy.

It’s a “piercingly” painstaking irony, in the same “vein” as Serling’s underdog/victim vanquishing the conquistador.

From childhood fears of old fashioned monsters under the bed, to family skeletons in the closet, Tales to Die For brings surreal, yet totally visceral performances to the stage, with mood-inspiring sets, costumes, music and make-up.

Since real life is horrific at times, this genre works. Viewers can plumb beneath the surface, escape to outer realms, and visualize the horrors, rather than experience it themselves.

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